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Sound's MC World Helper Application

Please read EVERYTHING below before applying

Requirements for Applying:

Minecraft Account (duh)

Terms and Conditions:

By applying, you understand your position can be taken away at any time if you choose to not remain active and/or abuse your powers. Of course you will be given warnings and chances depending on the situation.
This position can be very difficult, only apply if you're 100% sure you will be dedicated and a long-lasting part of the staff team. DO NOT APPLY if you're "just bored" or have nothing else to do, you must put this within your priorities as your activity is important to us.
As a helper you will be exposed to adult language and adult topics that may be unsuitable and unsettling for young people. Please be aware we are not responsible for anything you are exposed to. Apply at your own risk.
When you apply, remember that you are NOT guaranteed a spot. Please do not harass the staff team if you are rejected. Our decisions are final and begging/whining will not sway our decision. This will only reflect badly on your character and further convince us why you shouldn't be chosen.
You will be judged not only upon this application or your interview, but also your actions within the Discord and Minecraft server as well. Remember that we could decline a perfect application if you have a bad past within the servers.
This form should take you some time to complete. It's recommended you don't rush; a bad application will lower your chances to be accepted.