Ban Appeals

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Sound's World Ban Appeal

Sound's World Ban Appeal

Unfortunately you were banned, the following content contains information on the ban appeal process. Please read it over before appealing.

If your ban was wrong or potentially abusive.

A claim like this is serious, before you make it be sure to check the DM (Direct Message) you received from our bot Sound’s Utilities for the reason of your ban. (it’s the same place where you got this link.) If your claim is true then use the appeal link below to inform an Administrator of the problem, if not then continue reading.
Note: Blatantly lying and wasting the time of the administrators WILL cause further issues and make it harder to in turn get unbanned. Think hard before you make this claim.

How long should I wait before appealing?

If this is your first ban then you must wait two months from the day you were banned. If this is your second ban then it’s five months. If this is your third ban then I regret to inform you that you can no longer appeal. These times are not negotiable.

What should I put into my appeal?

An appeal is your chance to convince us that you don’t deserve to be banned, I’m sure you have an idea on how you ask someone for something. Saying sorry five minutes after being banned is not going to get you unbanned. Make sure to input your discord username and tag at the time of your ban, otherwise we will be unable to search for you. If you’re appealing after the months have passed and no longer know the exact username then be sure your current name is correct. (Case Sensitive.)

What if I don’t receive a response?

If you don’t receive an email within a week from sending it, you’ve likely failed to read this document and were subsequently denied. Try reading it again.

Ready to appeal?