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Some commonly asked questions

To become a staff member, you must apply through the staff application. You will be able to view it within the channel #mod-application when the applications open, this will be when we require more staff members in the server.
Very simple! You can just DM them if you want to ask a question or report someone, but alternatively you can just message @Sound's Utilities and file a report directly to our mod team.
These warnings are separate from the normal, manual warning system. 3 strikes from the bot within 24 hours is a mute of 6 hours, and you won't see them appear on >warnings.
You may refer to the rules and see Rule #12, you may DM or ping an active moderator to request a username change if you haven't met the level yet.
You need to have @Super Fan (Lvl 10+) to access this channel. You can view #role-info for more information on these permissions.
You need to have @Insane Fan (Lvl 25+) to send images in #general, and to post them in #media you'll need @Epic Fan (Lvl 5+).
See #role-info for descriptive information and how any role in the server can be obtained and/or its permissions.
There isn't an exact time for the next giveaway, and to host a giveaway you must DM a user with the @Giveaways role. (on Discord)
You can receive XP to level up by sending a message every minute in the server, and you can go to #bot-commands and use !rank to check your level. You can also check the server's leaderboards by doing !levels. See bot's information (their prefixes) in #bot-info.
It's filtered because any time somebody uses it, it's to bypass the filter. There is little to no scenario in which this word and other similarly-spelled words to the N word are used correctly, so @everyone cannot use them anymore.
You cannot donate money to me anymore, and @💰 Donator (Legacy) is no longer obtainable. You are completely free to donate to the server bot's patreon here.
If you have issues with a specific staff member or a punishment you've received, please DM @Sound's Utilities and send a modmail ticket.
Currently our staff team is comprised of English speakers, which means in the event that someone swears or says something inappropriate in another language we won’t be able to deal with them quickly. Also, pretty much everyone in the server is English, my videos are English, the rules are English and I speak English.
You can do this by simply messaging an @Art Poster.
In order to enter a game of Simon Says, you can react to the game starting message. There is a maximum of 15 players that can enter into 1 game, so if there are more than the max that try to enter, it will choose 15 people randomly from those that reacted.
This is when text is surrounded by a bunch of markings using a generator ĺ̶̎ỉ̴̯k̸͔̍e̸̢͠ ̴̣̽t̶̪̐h̸̋̐ì̴̲s̵͙͛. It's not allowed to be used excessively as it causes major spam and is annoying to see within chats.
All members are allowed to have alts in the server, but you can't use them to enter multiple times in giveaways, or to bypass any sort of punishment another account received.
If you quote a person that broke a rule for sending that message, you will be punished too as you sent the message yourself by quoting it.
Unfortunately this is a privately-owned custom bot, and it cannot operate in other servers, but some good moderation bots you could use are Auttaja or Dyno
If you see a new logo such as one with a lightning bolt, that means there’s a +50% XP Boost event going on, this happens every Friday from 6 PM to Midnight CDT

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